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Custom Web Development

Website Development

Heartland Media LLc offers a variety of development services from basic websites to complex progressive web apps. Today, people demand more from a website and its functionality. Our website development services implement all the useful features of progressive web apps (PWAs) to give your site the edge over traditional sites. You can do many of the things that used to require a separate app built for ios, android, etc without the cost and hassle of maintaining all of the different versions.

Server Solutions

Our services also include setting up and maintaining servers based on your needs. We can monitor and scale servers as needed to meet the demands of your business. We monitor and implement all of the latest updates on a weekly basis to ensure the tightest of security.

Custom Django App Development

We offer development of apps using the python programming language and the Django framework. This can be used for the situations where a PWA cannot fully meet your needs. Python is the premier programming language for finance as well as machine learning.

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